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Better living today and tomorrow

Panasonic has a rich history of creating products for a better home life. We offer a wide range of solutions for both inside and outside the house that help homeowners enjoy more convenient, efficient and environmentally responsible lives.

Steps to home happiness

Making your house work for you starts with the design. Go green, breathe fresh air and control your temperature from room to room so that, no matter who is home, they are comfortable.
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Breathe healthy air in your home

Our ENERGY STAR® ventilation fans, ERV systems and indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions help ensure the air in your home is always clean, pure and healthy.

At Panasonic, we believe you should breathe clean air at home all the time. That’s why we make it easy to design healthy homes that meet today’s strict green building codes. Our customizable indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions simplify code compliance and design challenges once and for all. Here’s why…

Today’s airtight homes save energy and lower utility bills. They can also be a breeding ground for poor, unhealthy indoor air. Without proper ventilation, harmful pollutants and moisture get trapped inside, causing or aggravating headaches, allergy symptoms, dizziness, even serious respiratory problems.

For a healthy home and healthy living, it’s essential for your bathroom fan to remove harmful allergens and moisture from the air. Panasonic ventilation fans help ensure the air in your home is always clean and pure. Whether you’re installing whole-house or spot ventilation in homes, multi-family buildings or hotels, we have a quiet ENERGY STAR® model for every room.

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Ductless heating and cooling

Customers facing electricity price hikes are turning to high efficiency heating in winter and cooling in warmer months.

Panasonic’s ductless mini-split multi or single zone heating and cooling system allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms or spaces, it's easy to install, and is energy efficient to save money. The compact heating and air-conditioning split system doesn't require ductwork so it’s often a good choice if you live in an older home or one in which it would be difficult to install the ductwork for a central air system, and want to stay comfortable.

Panasonic’s ductless heating and air conditioning with ventilation fans can be combined to efficiently and cost-effectively heat or cool your entire home, while exhausting damaging pollutants and moist air. We provide whole house comfort year-round by improving energy efficiency, and a cleaner, healthier home.

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Smart sensor technology for energy savings and comfort

As a leader in energy-efficient HVAC systems, we provide industry exclusive technology solutions for comfort at home and at the office.

ECONAVI intelligent sensors monitor people’s locations, movements or absence of human activity. The sensors automatically adjust to cool off a packed, hot room, or when no one’s around, lower cooling power to save energy. Customization is key to optimizing room comfort. Even within a single room, conditions can vary depending on the number of people present and their activity level. Stay ahead of the curve by reading the room, or at least, the temperature inside it.

The unique ECONAVI sensors help deliver an automatic increase or decrease in cooling or heating based on a room’s activity level.  These sensors can detect changes in activity, they can also monitor the room as people change location. The heating and cooling units can then take this information and adjust the airflow direction to address these changes.